Personal Trainer - Version 0.26 [Domiek]

Personal Trainer - Version 0.26 [Domiek]


Domiek is creating Adult Games

Updated: 06-February-2018
Genre: Corruption, MILF, Anal sex, Animated, Incest, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Lesbian, Group sex, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Titfuck, Cheating, Creampie, Female domination, Humor, Interracial, Male domination, MILF, Mobile game,Teasing
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Domiek
Version: 0.26
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Size: 1.17GB

You come home to find your fiancée in bed with another man. This event sparks a downward spiral which eventually leads to you losing your job and the life you've created. Fortunately, the generosity of your beautiful cousin (Sophie) provides you refuge in another city. One night, while sleeping on her couch, inspiration arrives from the least likely of places.
Under the guise of being gay, you manage to join a gym that's exclusive to women only. Will you use this opportunity to satisfy the revenge in your heart or will you take the high road instead?

Version 0.26
- Extended the intro. (Start a new game to see it and then just load your old save when you're done)
- 4 Daisy Events
- 1 Alex Event
- 2 Jenna Events
- 1 Additional Jenna Locker interaction
- 9 Animations
- New receptionist, Jazmine. (No events, she's joined the cast so Daisy can rest and no longer have to work 18 hours everyday)
- New location: Alex & Daisy's dorm
- Daisy's story is reworked, (BJ scene is temporarily removed)

Random Interaction
- New morning scene with the latin milf in the sauna (Need to meet her in the sauna once prior to unlock)
- New evening shower with latin bodybuilder in locker room (Muff dive her in the sauna again to unlock this)

-Fixed bug allowing MC to have sex with Amy in the locker ahead of the main story
-Fixed Dani still being cold blooded despite bonding a bit with MC
-Fixed bug causing Mayan to use Maria's nameplate in an event
-Changed all of the old "highlight" interaction buttons for Android compatibility

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