Rosario + Vampire [RAW BDMV][DISC 3/3][UB]

Título: Rosario + Vampire
Genero: Action / Comedy / Romance / Vampires
Distributor: Happinet
Director: Inagaki Takayuki
Fuente: 2xBD50 1xBD25
Año: 2008
Resolución: 1080p
Idioma: Japones
Discos: 3/3
Servidor: Uptobox
Uploader: ruso

Based on a shounen manga by Ikeda Akihisa, serialised in Monthly Shounen Jump.

By a bizarre coincidence, Aono Tsukune has accidentally gotten himself admitted to a Youkai Academy, a school attended by monsters. Realising that he has entered another world riding the school bus, suspicious of the very creepy forest leading to the school, just when he is about run away, he meets the beautiful Akashiya Moka, instantly falling for her feminine charms.

But from here on his problems only seem to get bigger: Not only that the kind and sensual Moka turns out to be a vampire, who loves to suck Tsukune's blood ("chu"), she transforms into her true form when the rosary on her chest is removed, turning into the very powerful and ruthless vampire, Ura Moka!

How will Tsukune, the only (weak) human in this monster academy, make it through the semester?

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